Stop fashion brands undermining garment workers' rights

Tell your MP: it's time to support a fashion watchdog

Fair and legal pay, safe working conditions, paid overtime - these are all rights often denied to garment workers because of the way big fashion brands treat their factories.

MPs are waking up to the need for greater regulation of UK fashion brands but we need your help to turn that energy into action.

Email your MP today and ask them to go on record in support of a fashion watchdog to stop fashion companies getting away with mistreatment.

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Nothing has changed

At the start of lockdown, March 2020, fashion brands on mass cancelled orders with factories and refused to pay even for clothes that had been made. Workers were sent home without pay and many are still fighting today for brands to pay them what they’re owed.

Two years on from that event and nothing has changed - the very same things are happening without punishment.

But there is a solution. A Fashion Watchdog would make brands and retailers treat their suppliers properly.

When brands treat suppliers badly, the workers lose out - wages aren't paid, exploitation increases and millions of people suffer. Smaller fashion brands are unable to compete, and the climate impact of fashion increases.

MPs are starting to wake up to the idea that greater regulation of UK brands in the fashion sector would change things for the people who make our clothes. Your voice on this issue encourages more decision makers to take notice.

Will you ask your MP to take the fashion watchdog pledge?

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