Time for trade democracy

We've closed this action now that the General Election is over. You can sign up to get future emails from us if you like.

A trade deal between the UK and the US could:

  • undermine the ability of businesses in poorer countries to export to the UK
  • limit what the UK can do in the future to tackle the climate crisis
  • set the direction for a future UK trade policy which would prioritise big business profits over supporting vulnerable people and protecting the planet.

At the moment there are no plans to properly assess the impact that any new trade deal will have on people and planet, and no plans to let MPs have a vote on them.

Please will you ask the candidates in your constituency to show their support for trade democracy?

We're using candidate data from the crowdsourced Democracy Club project. If you can't see a candidate that you were expecting, it's probably because we don't have an email for them. You can help fill gaps in the dataset here: https://candidates.democracyclub.org.uk/